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make your own nude, pink, red, orange, purple lipsticks at home

Is your vanity brimming with legions of barely used, expired lipsticks, lipgloss and cosmetics?

Like all makeup lovers, we have experimented with and accumulated gazillion products over the years - many with no apparent difference at all. The sight of used, expired lipsticks and cosmetics that cluttered our cabinets and the massive wastage in the cosmetic industry caused by impulse buying, picking wrong colors or buying a similar product, made us think for sustainable simple solution.

GoPlay Cosmetics was conceptualized to help those, like us, who are looking for beauty that not only met but exceeded expectations. Our mission is to create a brand that brings sustainability to the industry while providing consumers with possibilities that never existed before. Finally, after almost 6 months of R&D, a dozen more product iterations and a lot more feedback - the LIPSKIT™ was born.

GoPlay's LIPSKIT™ is a game-changing, patent pending, genius DIY makeup tool that lets you make any lip color, instantly, in the comfort of your home or on-the-go. The lip shades can be created in smaller quantities in reusable jars, so you won't have to buy full sized lipsticks  that you probably won't be using much. You can even tweak the texture from matté-to-moist-to-tint.

The LIPSKIT colour cartridges are vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free. Here's a short DEMO VIDEO

What's more? Its unique compact design makes it totally mess-free, storable and convenient to use! So, say ba-bye to that stash of unused lipsticks at the back of your vanity, those unhygienic testers in stores and that out-of-stock favorite. 

Make your own perfect lip colors with the LIPSKIT.

GoPlay’s unique positioning in the sweet spot between customization, sustainability, and innovation in an industry that is relatively un-disrupted has already garnered a lot of attention. GoPlay, backed by 3 women entrepreneurs, has power to bond us through infinite lip colours, it prompts you to be creative, have fun, and gush to your friends about the shades that you discovered.

 Cruelty free, vegan, longlasting lipstick, dermatologically safe cosmetics, lab tested